Cuteteeshop – The Bronx New York Yankees 2022 ALCS Postseason Shirt

I hate the The Bronx New York Yankees 2022 ALCS Postseason Shirt and by the same token and idea of conscription, and I think slave armies suck, but once a year, on November 11th, I wish every one of those slacker civilians could get drafted and forced to serve just one day. In some twisted fantasy world, all those apathetic civilian sacks of shit could spend one day in combat and might would finally understand. But they never will. To them, it is just a day off of work. Nothing special, just some happy go lucky fun. And in the grand scheme of things, that is the essence of Veterans Day…they will never know. They don’t have to, and that is a good thing, they are better off not knowing. Honestly, I’m glad they don’t have to know. Still, stop treating Veterans Day like like it was some meaningless holiday, like Groundhog Day? Maybe be a little more cognizant of of the things you didn’t have to do because others did? Any service to which we are called … as soldier, sailor, air personnel, or special forces, is a vocation or calling. We don’t need to be thanked for what we feel called to do and be.

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